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Mt. Success
Success, NH

Mt. Success as seen from Mt. Carlo
Mt. Success as seen from Mt. Carlo

Location mapSummary
Located just west of the Maine-New Hampshire border, Mt. Success features views in all directions from its various ledges and alpine meadows. Once known as Ingalls Mountain, the Appalachian Trail crosses over the summit area.

Starting in New York City as Northeast Airlines Flight 656, a Douglas DC-3 left Laconia, NH as Northeast Airlines Flight 792, en route to Berlin, NH, on November 30, 1954. Low on fuel, the plane was notified that the air field was closed due to a snow squall. Attempting an instrument based landing, the plane crashed into the southern side of Mt. Success. With a last minute decision to attempt a belly landing with electrical shut off, Captain Carey was able to avoid an explosion as the plane broke apart.

While all 7 aboard initially survived the late morning crash, the two most seriously injured died shortly thereafter. The crew was able to send out a few brief messages which triggered a search and rescue operation. Pilot Apostolis N. Bountis spotted via plane the survivors signalling atop Mt. Success on December 2nd, and Lt. Kenneth M. Richardson was able to evacuate the five survivors via helicopter, nearly two full days after the crash.

While parts of the plane were taken away during the investigation and subsquent removal via a specially cut road from Maine, much of the aircraft still remains in the woods along the Appalachian Trail corridor boundary.

Summit Elevation

Summit Facilities

A DC-3 (Northeast Airlines Flight 792) plane crash from November 30, 1954 is located south of the summit.

Trip Reports:
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Date of Hike Trail(s) Length Steepness Vertical
December 27, 2013 Success Trail, more Moderate Very Difficult 2,365'
October 7, 2012 Logging road, more Difficult Very Difficult 3,045'
July 28, 2012 Success Trail, more Moderate Very Difficult 2,280'
October 17, 2010 Success Trail, more Moderate Very Difficult 2,280'
May 27, 2010 Success Trail, more Moderate Very Difficult 2,365'

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