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For Immediate Release

Property Postings in the Ossipee Mountains Have Come Down
(Concord, NH)
The Department of Resources and Economic Development announces that postings on thousands of acres in the Ossipee Mountains have been removed and general pedestrian and trail access has been restored. The affected areas included the popular Mt. Shaw and Bayle Mountain hiking trails as well as general hiking, hunting, and fishing access.  The property closure occurred earlier this summer due to irresponsible property use by some hikers and other users.

The Bureau of Trails and Division of Forests and Lands worked with local landowners and others to reach an agreeable solution. Signs advising that written landowner permission was required for access are being replaced with new signs to better educate the public.  These signs will explain which type of activities may occur on the properties without landowner permission and those activities that require landowner permission.

“This is a major hurdle which has been overcome for New Hampshire landowners and the recreational public in general; however this is only the first step.  Educating the general public as to what types of activities are permitted on private lands is an important task.  The use of private lands for public recreational access is a tradition in New Hampshire and an extremely valuable one that no one wants to see disappear,” says Bureau of Trails Chief Chris Gamache.

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