New England's Lost Hiking Trails
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Haselton Brook Trail
State: NH

Haselton Brook Trail Details
Also Known As: Bald Mountain Trail
Location: White Mountains - Waterville
Peak: Mt. Tecumseh
Opened: 1930s?
Closed: 1940s?
Reason Closed:
Guidebook Descriptions:
1940 AMC White Mountain Guide
This trail, formerly called the Bald Mtn. Trail diverges from the Mill Brook Trail 0.8 m. beyond the George Fadden residence, follows up Haselton Brook 3.9 m. and enters the Mt. Tecumseh Trail 0.4 m. below the summit of Mt. Tecumseh. Distance 3.9 m. 
1940 AMC map of Mt. Tecumseh
1940 AMC map of Mt. Tecumseh

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