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Omer Charles’ Trail
State: NH
Omer Charles' Trail provided a direct route back to the Mt. Meader Trail from between Mt. Meader and Eagle Crag.

Omer Charles’ Trail Details
Also Known As:
Location: White Mountains - Evans Notch
Peak: Mt. Meader
Closed: Late 1930s
Reason Closed: Poor condition of trail
Guidebook Descriptions:
1931 AMC White Mountain Guide
Omer Charles’ Trail
This trail was blazed many years ago by Omer Charles of North Chatham, who used it in visiting his bear traps. The latter were step in a marshy spot about 200 ft. N. of the junction of this trail with the Meader Ridge Path. The trail has never been thoroughly cleared and is marked only by sparse blazes. It starts at a point where the Mt. Meader Trail turns sharply R. off the logging road 2 m. from the highway. Omer’s Trail continues along the logging road till the latter dwindles and disappears, swinging gradually R. and becoming steeper. Its upper end is remarkably steep and ledgy and obscured by many large fallen spruces. It finally reaches the top of the ridge and joins Meader Ridge Path in the lowest col S.W. of the latter toward Eagle Crag. This trail is most used for the descent.
Distance. 1 ½ m. (1 hr. 30 min.).

1934 AMC White Mountain Guide
Omer Charles’ Trail (C.T.A.)
This trail is a simple cut-off, used principally in the descent, from the Meader Ridge Path to the Meader Ridge Trail by which the ascent to the summit of Mt. Meader may be avoided and the route between Eagle Crag and the Valley Road shortened by ½ m. Distance 1 ½ mi. (ascending, 1 ¼ hrs.).

1940 AMC White Mountain Guide
Omers Trail
This cut-off from the Meader Ridge Path to the Mt. Meader Trail has been abandoned and due to its extremely poor condition should not be used.

1948 AMC White Mountain Guide
About 200 ft. beyond the junction with the now obscure Omers Trail, the trail [Mt. Meader Trail] crosses a small stream which is fairly reliable. 
1942 USGS map of Mt. Meader
1942 USGS map of Mt. Meader

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