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Welch-Tecumseh Path
State: NH
A path from Welch Mountain to Mt. Tecumseh was cut by Nathaniel Greeley in the 1850s. The path appears to have generally faded away shortly thereafter.

Welch-Tecumseh Path Details
Also Known As:
Location: White Mountains - Waterville
Peak: Mt. Tecumseh
Opened: 1850s
Closed: Before 1880
Reason Closed: Establishment of direct route from Waterville?
Guidebook Descriptions:
1881 The White Mountains: A Handbook for Travelers
The route from the S. leads up Welch Mt., and thence around a ridge nearly 2 M. long, on which rises the rocky pile of Stone Mt. On the L is a deep semi-circular ravine, over which are Fisher Mt. and Green Mt. Bending around the R side of the latter, a patch of jungle is crossed, and the traveller soon enters the dwarf forests on the slope of Tecumseh. 
1931 USGS map of Mt. Tecumseh
1931 USGS map of Mt. Tecumseh

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