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Miles Brook Trail
State: NH
The Miles Brook Trail connected present day Route 16 north of Jackson to the Rocky Branch ridge. The trail still exists as the Winniweta Falls Trail and the subsequent ski trail leading to FR 623.

Miles Brook Trail Details
Also Known As:
Location: White Mountains - Montalban
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Guidebook Descriptions:
1931 AMC White Mountain Guide
Winniweta Falls
Winniweta Falls are situated on Miles Brook, a westerly branch of the Ellis, 3.6 m. N. of Jackson. The path leaves the Pinkham Notch Road by a rough cart-road which branches off on the W. a few rods S. of the 121-mile post and immediately crosses the river. Cars can be driven over the bridge and parked near the house beyond. Leave the logging road (which is on the N. side of the stream) just beyond the second fence, 0.8 m. from the Pinkham Notch Road. The two fences have nearly disappeared, and their remains must be carefully sought, as they are the only indication of the point where the road must be left.
This road is a U. S. F. S. Trail which continues considerably farther. The Service contemplates its ultimate extension as a “manway” or sub-standard trail up the valley of Mils Brook to join the Rocky Branch Trail near the highest point of the latter, where it crosses Rocky Branch Ridge.

1934 AMC White Mountain Guide
Miles Brook Trail. (W.M.N.F.)
This is a Class 3 trail or “manway.” It is easily followed as far as and beyond Winneweta Falls, but the condition of its upper part is uncertain. It leaves the W. side of Pinkham Notch Road 3.6 m. N. of Jackson, a few rods S. of the 121-mile post (sign). It follows a cart-path across a small field and then crosses the Ellis on a bridge, not always safe for autos, to a house beyond. Cars may be parked in the field or driven across the bridge. The trail follows a logging-road up the N. bank of the stream and ultimately ends at a junction with the Rocky Branch Trail somewhat E. of its highest point. Distance 4 m., rising about 2,000 ft.

1940 AMC White Mountain Guide
Miles Brook Trail (WMNF)
Leaving the W side of Pinkham Notch Highway (NH 16) 3.6 m. N of Jackson, the trail crosses a small field (park cars here) then the Ellis River and passes to the L of an old house. After entering the woods bear L at the fork (arrow). The trail follows a logging road up the N bank of the river and ends at a junction with the Rocky Branch Trail somewhat E of its highest point.
Distance. 4 m., rising about 2,000 ft. 
1940 AMC map of the Miles Brook Trail
1940 AMC map of the Miles Brook Trail

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