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Triangle Trail
State: VT
The Triangle Trail provided a loop over the Nose subpeak of Mt. Mansfield.

Triangle Trail Details
Also Known As:
Location: Mansfield
Peak: The Nose
Reason Closed: Radiation from communication towers
Guidebook Descriptions:
1997 Long Trail Guide
After following the TV Road a short distance, the LT diverges right into the woods (8.6 mi.) and reaches the Triangle Trail (8.7 mi.), which climbs to the tip of the Nose and then descends to the Toll Road. Just beyond is the end of the Toll Road and the site of the Mt. Mansfield Summit House, now occupied by the Summit Station, and television and radio transmitters. The Mt. Mansfield Visitor Center occupies part of the Summit Station and contains displays on the mountain's natural history, research efforts, and ways the public can help protect the rare alpine ecosystem. It is open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day. 
1927 USGS map of the Nose
1927 USGS map of the Nose

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