New England's Lost Hiking Trails
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Mill Mountain Trail
State: NH
Cut (possibly by the CCC) circa 1940 to provide access to the Mill Mountain fire tower.

Mill Mountain Trail Details
Also Known As:
Location: White Mountains - Kilkenny
Peak: Mill Mountain
Opened: 1940
Closed: 1950s
Reason Closed: Fire tower removed.
Guidebook Descriptions:
1948 AMC White Mountain Guide
SE of Stark. Firetower. A WMNF trail leaves NH 100 about 3/4 m. NE of the side of the road to Stark and climbs gradually to the summit. 1 1/2 mi. (1 hr. 30 min.). 1960 AMC White Mountain Guide
SE of Stark. The WMNF trail which left NH 100 about 3/4 mi. NE of the side road to Stark has been abandoned. 
1948 AMC map of Mill Mountain
1948 AMC map of Mill Mountain

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