New England's Lost Hiking Trails
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Valley View
State: NH
Located on the eastern face of Piper Mountain, the Valley View trail was considered the toughest official trail in the Belknap Range, featuring many scrambles, as well as a talus slope.

Valley View Details
Also Known As:
Location: Lakes Region
Peak: Piper Mountain
Closed: 2016
Reason Closed: LRCT discovered endangered plant
Guidebook Descriptions:
2000s era Belknap Range hiking map
Difficult. Several viewpoints from open ledges into deep valley of Moulton Brook and to lakes & mountains to the S, views as you scramble up large rockfall back up to the Vista Trail. Poorly marked; quite steep in places while descending E slope of Piper Mt., requires 100 yard scramble up over large rockfall & a steep ascent back to ridgeline of Piper Mt. 1.5 mi, 670' vertical. 
2000s era Belknap Range hiking map of Piper Mountain
2000s era Belknap Range hiking map of Piper Mountain

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