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Cannon Mountain Ski Area
Franconia, NH

Looking at Cannon Mountain from the Franconia Ridge

Cannon Mountain, the only aerial tram served mountain in New Hampshire, is located near the former site of Old Man of the Mountain.

What's Up
- Scenic
- Prices
- Top to bottom tram
- High speed quad
- No top to bottom chairlift
- Often cold/windy
- Long runout to get to tram

Trip Reports:
Date of Visit Type of Visit
July 26, 2007 Hike
I hiked Cannon via the Kinsman Ridge Trail. The tram was rather busy. Click here for hiking trip report
September 10, 2005 Lift ride
I took the tram up to the annual New England Ski Museum dinner.
September 11, 2004 Lift ride
After checking out the completed Tuckerbrook Quad and Mittersill, the I took the tram up to the annual New England Ski Museum dinner. From Mittersill I took a to some sort of construction site between the two areas. I was not able to find out what was being built.
March 26, 2004 Drive by
I took some photos of Cannon on my way to a few runs at Bretton Woods.
January 12, 2004 Ski
I skied Cannon on a very cold, overcast day. There was new powder and nearly every trail was open.
November 1, 2003 Drive by
I drove around the base areas of Cannon and Mittersill. The Tuckerbrook Quad installation was in progress at Cannon.

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More Information
- Cannon Mountain Ski Area web site

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