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Crotched Mountain Ski Area
Bennington, NH

Looking up the summit quad at Crotched Mountain

Crotched Mountain is a mid sized area located in Southern New Hampshire. Once combined with Crotched East, the current area was reopened after over a decade of being abandoned.

What's Up
- Night skiing
- Snowmaking
- Prices
- No high speed lift
- Expert terrain

Trip Reports:
Date of Visit Type of Visit
December 22, 2007 Ski
I skied about six hours at Crotched's NELSAP day. Later in the day, we hiked to the old ski area summit, and then skied the crossover trail to the power line and back. Excellent packed powder conditions.
April 7, 2007 Ski
I took a few afternoon runs with my friend Chris. After the recent snow storm, the surface was powder and packed powder.
November 24, 2006 Base visit
I stopped by Crotched on my way home from Thanksgiving. Though they weren't open, there was a small terrain park set up.
December 23, 2005 Ski
After skiing Pat's Peak briefly, I stopped by Crotched for lunch and some afternoon skiing with my friend Chris. Conditions were good and all trails were open. A crew was building a new trail above the Zero G triple and to skiers left of the summit quad.
March 16, 2004 Ski
I skied Crotched on an overcast late season day. All trails were open with decent conditions. Work on a new trail had begun to skier's right of the Valley Quad.
October 24, 2003 Base visit
I drove through the base area and found that significant work has been done. Four modern lift terminals have been installed. The old Hall towers are being reused on the West Double. A metallic lodge has been built. SMI Polecat guns have been installed.
September 14, 2002 Base visit
Significant clearing has been done on the mountain as it is looking skiable.
April 14, 2002 Base visit
I walked around the base area of Crotched West. The Hall double chairs are rusting away and the main lodge is looking like its ready to start falling apart. Heavy growth on the old trails with the exception of some fields near the condominiums.

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- Crotched Mountain Ski Area web site

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