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Gunstock Mountain Resort
Gilford, NH

Gunstock as seen from Bald Knob

Gunstock, located just south of Lake winnipesaukee, is a rare county-owned ski area.

What's Up
- Night skiing
- Scenic
- Summit high speed quad
- Variety
- Prices
- Night skiing not from summit

Trip Reports:
Date of Visit Type of Visit
November 23, 2007 Hike
I hiked up Gunstock. Click here for hiking trip report.
August 25, 2007 Hike
I hiked up the old Mt. Rowe area and over to the lost Alpine Ridge ski area. Click here for hiking trip report
March 23, 2007 Drive by
Passing through the area, I briefly stopped by the base of Gunstock.
December 4, 2004 Hike
I hiked up the old Mt. Rowe area then down the main mountain with my friend Kiley. Snowmaking was in progress on the lower mountain. Click here for hiking trip report.
March 15, 2004 Ski
I skied Gunstock with my friend Josh. Nearly all of the trails were open with good conditions.
Summer 2000 Base visit
My cousin Sam and I stopped by the base area and walked around.

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More Information
- Gunstock Mountain Resort web site

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