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Tenney Mountain Ski Area
Plymouth, NH

Tenney Mountain as seen from Welch Mountain

Tenney Mountain, located just west of Plymouth, has been opened and closed multiple times in the past decade.

What's Up
- Cruising terrain
- Convenient to I-93
- Prices
- No high speed lift
- Snowmaking
- Expert terrain

Trip Reports:
Date of Visit Type of Visit
August 11, 2007 Base visit
I stopped by the base area of the closed Tenney ski area briefly - no visible changes in recent months.
March 12, 2006 Ski
I skied the morning at Tenney. The most challenging run was Sweet William, which had thin cover at best. The cruisers from both the Hornet Double and Eclipse Triple were in good shape. Weather was foggy, thus resulting in flat light. With the exception of the base of the lifts (heavy spring snow), the trails were loose granular.
May 3, 2003 Base visit
I walked around the base area of Tenney and met the wife of the mountain manager. The trails and lifts looked to be well maintained.
Mid 1990s Drive by
I rode around the base area of Tenney.

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