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We're now breaking the photos into three sections - the Bardwell's Ferry Bridge Section is what we refer to the section of railgrade/Mahican-Mohawk Trail from Bardwell's Ferry Bridge in Shelburne to Conway Station, the Conway Section runs from Conway Station to Hoosac Road, and the Deerfield Section runs from Hoosac Road to the Deerfield Transfer Station.

What is it?
Conway Station was a rail station off the New York, New Haven, & Hartford line (the branch that merged with Troy & Greenfield at Bardwell's Ferry Bridge) in Conway, MA. The station is now completely gone with the exception of a dirt plateau in its place in the woods. It is accessible via dirt road now in the South River State Forest.

South River Station was a rail station off the Troy & Greenfield line in Deerfield (near the Shelburne border). The station is now completely gone with no roads leading to it.

The Conway Electric Street Railway trolley line linked these two stations and continued to downtown Conway. Much of the rail grade from this line still exists either as bikable/hikable trails or as public roads. The bridge over the Deerfield River is gone, though the footings still remain visible.

The New York, New Haven, & Hartford extension from Bardwell's Ferry Bridge to Deerfield is still in rather decent shape - much of it bikable with the exception of a few washouts/tree downings. The famous high bridge is no longer standing, though the abundance of footings are still in existence.

Where is it?
Conway Station/South River State Forest are in Conway, Massachusetts. From Route 2 in Shelburne, MA, you can take Shelburne Center Road south to Bardwell's Ferry Road, over Bardwell's Ferry Bridge, and up over the hill surrounded by open pasture. As you go down the other side of the hill you will see an abandoned red schoolhouse/sugarhouse to your right. The entrance way to Conway Station is to your left (the sign tends to get stolen but it is a public (dirt/seasonal) road. There are places to pull into/park at down the mile plus long road, with ample room for multiple vehicles to park at the very bottom (ie next to where Conway Station was).

Is this all on public land?
No, however there appears to be no problem with proper use. The old New York, New Haven, & Hartford Line biking/snowmobiling trail does cross some private property - there are signs in some places asking for you to stay out of side trails. If you are literate, please respect these signs. If you are not literate, how you are able to read this is beyond me.

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