Mohawk Trail Community Drive In Movie Theater
Charlemont, MA
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Update: The entrance to the old drive-in was being used as a farmer's market. J. S. Rae is now located at the property.

What was it?
The Mohawk Trail Community Drive In was a one time popular place to see movies. Little is published about it. It was opened in the 1940s or 1950s by the late Carl Nilman and closed in 1986. The screen was removed by the late 1990s. The marquee and projection building are still standing. The late projectionist, Bernie Butler, saved the "1927 carbon-arc 35mm projectors."

Google Earth rendering of the Mohawk Community Drive In

Where was it?
The Mohawk Trail Community Drive In was located on the north side of Route 2 in Charlemont, Massachusetts, just west of the bridge over the Deerfield River, less than 1/4 mile from the Route 112 overpass in Buckland.

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