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What is it?
Catamount is somewhat of a lost town located in Colrain, Massachusetts. Originally a normal Western Franklin County-like town, Catamount had its own school house and a decent amount of residents. Though technically part of Colrain, most locals refer to it as it's own town.

McLeod Pond

Catamount's big claim to fame was that it featured the first public schoolhouse in the country to fly the United States flag (1812).

For the most part, Catamount is abandoned - the school and most of the homes are gone with little trace and have been that way for around a century. Roads were open to vehicles up until recent years and were popular destinations for Jeep Jamborees, however due to excessive erosion, exploration is now limited to those on foot, bike, or snowmobile.

Where is it?
Catamount Hill is located in southwest Colrain near the Griswoldville section of town. Though closed off to vehicular traffic for over a decade, one can drive partway up Catamount Hill Road or Stacy Road and proceed thereafter on foot. Additional access points, though considerably longer, exist in Charlemont and Heath.

Is this all on public land?
No, however a large portion is Massachusetts State Forest land. We advise any explorers to respect any No Trespassing signs.

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