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A Brief History of Catamount

For more information, see the short book, The Puzzle of Catamount Hill by Elmer Davenport (1969).

1743 - Colrain is named, the land initially owned by Joseph Heath.

1755 - A dead of partition gives ownership of lots on Catamount Hill to Winslow, Seaver, and Newel.

1812 - In May, the United States flag is flown over the Catamount schoolhouse - the first instance of a flag being flown over a public school in the country. Amasa Shippee came up with the idea as a display of Patriotism. The flag was made by Rhoda Shippee and Sophia Willis, Lois Willis, and, Sally Maynard, with the design coming from Amasa Shippee's recollection of the flag he saw in his time in the local militia. The flag pole was knocked over that night by some local Federalists.

1855 - On October 16, Pocumtuck Mountain was named during an Old Home Days Festival.

Late 1870s- 1880s - Large annual meetings were held on Pocumtuck Mountain, attended by thousands (including, in 1880, Massachusetts Governor Long).

Late 1800s - Due to the growth of railroad and industry, Catamount's population starts to dwindle, as farming becomes a more competitive business.

1967 - A massive land swap with State of Massachusetts leads to much of Catamount becoming a State Forest.

1995 - Due to local outrage of destruction of the old roads, Catamount is closed to 4x4 traffic, including Jeep Jamborees.

2006 - Catamount is a secondary Massachusetts State Forest, with no ranger barracks or trail maps.

2008 - Much of the Catamount area sustains massive damage from a December ice storm.

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