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Trail Conditions

Trip Log


Middle Sister
Albany, NH

Trailheads, measurements, times, distances, and maps are all approximate and relative to the hike(s) as shown below.
The ice cube known as Mt. Chocorua
The ice cube known as Mt. Chocorua

Route: Champney Falls Trail, Piper Trail, Champney Falls Trail, Middle Sister Trail, (Middle Sister), Middle Sister Trail, Champney Falls Cutoff, Champney Falls Trail

While my original intent was to hike Mt. Chocorua, plans change.

The Champney Falls Trail trailhead had been slightly relocated, due to the near-trailhead bridge being knocked over by ice flow from the brook. The lower portion of the trail was in decent shape for snowshoeing, however above the first waterfall loop junction it was a bit rough in places.

After turning onto the Piper Trail, I soon cleared treeline on Chocorua. The northern faces of the ledges were caked in slick ice. After getting to without a few hundred yards of the summit, I opted to turn back, as even with crampons, the final stretch seemed to be too dangerous to attempt solo. While I could have tried a different approach via the West Side Trail, I instead settled for the nearby Middle Sister peak.

The trailfinding was a little tricky in places, however I eventually found myself at the summit with decent views. For the descent, the Champney Falls Cutoff was a bit rough due to lots of sideslopes.

Hike Ratings
Getting To Trailhead: Easy
Destination: Middle Sister
Length: Moderate
Steepness: Difficult
Navigation: Difficult
Views: Excellent
Crowds: Minimal

Hike Stats
Date Hiked: Sunday, March 13, 2011
Hike Commenced: 9:14 AM
Parking Elevation: 1,260'
Destination: Middle Sister
Ascent Commenced: 9:15 AM
Summit Reached: 11:36 AM
Time Elapsed: 02:21
Trailhead Elevation: 1,260'
Summit Elevation: 3,340'
Vertical Gain: 2,554'
Hike Ended: 1:01 PM
Hike Time Elapsed: 03:47
Hike Vertical Gain: 2,654'

The temporary Champney Falls Trail trailhead of Route 112
The temporary Champney Falls Trail trailhead of Route 112

Looking at Mt. Chocorua from Middle Sister - Click to enlarge
Looking at Mt. Chocorua from Middle Sister

The Champney Falls Trail
The Champney Falls Trail

Directions to trailhead: Take Route 112 West past the visitor center on the right. The Champney Falls Trail USFS fee parking lot will eventually be on the left. Due to a non-Delmont-related bridge incident, the Champney Falls Trail trailhead has been temporarily moved a short walk west on Route 112.

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