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Trail Conditions

Trip Log


Mt. Avalon
Carroll, NH, Bethlehem, NH

Trailheads, measurements, times, distances, and maps are all approximate and relative to the hike(s) as shown below.

The Avalon Trail

Route: Avalon Trail, (spur trail to summit), (Mt. Avalon), (spur trail from summit), Avalon Trail

With a subpar weekend weather forecast and limited afternoon time, I decided to hike up to Mt. Avalon.

My previous time near this peak was spent running down the Avalon Trail in a hail storm - missing the summit by 100 yards.

The temperature was near 90 degrees at the trailhead - with limited visibility due to the large amount of haze. Considering I had been in upper 30 degree weather only 6 days earlier, the high temperature was certainly a challenge.

The Avalon is rather easy at the start - with a few short, steep sections, surrounded by long flats. Things steepen up dramatically after the A-Z trail departs - climbing over 600 vertical feet in less than half a mile. Add in less than optimal footing and high temperatures, and you have a work out!

Despite the haze, the views from the top were still good - looking down at 302, looking up the Presidential Range, etc.

On the descent I listened to Jim O'Rourke's Bad Timing.

Hike Ratings
Getting To Trailhead: Easy
Destination: Mt. Avalon
Length: Moderate
Steepness: Difficult
Navigation: Easy
Views: Excellent
Crowds: Minimal

Hike Stats
Date Hiked: Friday, September 7, 2007
Hike Commenced: 3:50 PM
Parking Elevation: 1,900'
Destination: Mt. Avalon
Ascent Commenced: 3:55 PM
Summit Reached: 4:46 PM
Time Elapsed: 00:51
Trailhead Elevation: 1,900'
Summit Elevation: 3,442'
Distance: 1.8 miles
Vertical Gain: 1,567'
Hike Ended: 5:50 PM
Hike Time Elapsed: 02:00
Hike Vertical Gain: 1,592'

The Avalon Trail trailhead next to the train station

Looking at Mt. Washington from Mt. Avalon

Directions to trailhead: Take Route 302 west from Bartlett, NH. There is a parking area on the left side of the road at the top of the pass. Continue down the road on foot to the rail station - the Avalon Trail trailhead is across the tracks

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