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Trail Conditions

Trip Log


What The Ratings/Stats Mean

Hike Ratings
Getting to trailhead: Difficulty in finding parking and locating the beginning of the trail. Easy/Moderate/Difficult/Very Difficult
Destination: The goal of the particular leg of the hike (ratings for the leg follow this heading)
Length: Easy/Moderate/Difficult/Very Difficult.
Steepness: Does the leg of the hike have sustained steep parts and/or short steep areas (such as ledges/cliffs that need to be scaled). Easy/Moderate/Difficult/Very Difficult
Navigation: How hard is it to follow the trail and not get lost? Are there blazes/cairns/signs and/or is the trail really easy to follow? Easy/Moderate/Difficult/Very Difficult
Views: Are the views along the hike and/or at the destination good or is the hike and destination surrounded by trees? Minimal/Moderate/Excellent
Crowds: Will you see a lot of people while hiking this leg and/or at the summit? Minimal/Moderate/Heavy.

Please note that some hike ratings are progressive - such as length. While a particular leg might be very short, it could follow miles of previous legs - thus an inclusive rating is given.

Hike Stats
Time Elapsed: The time it took me to get from the starting point to the destination of a particular leg of a hike. This is *not* book time and can vary based upon hiking, trailrunning, trail maintenance, etc. Mostly for personal reference for future hikes.
Trailhead Elevation: The elevation of the beginning of the particular leg of the hike - generally as per USGS topographic maps - not perfect but certainly an estimate.
Summit Elevation: The high point of the destination of the leg of the hike - not necessarily the true summit of the area. Generally as per USGS Topographic Maps - not perfect but certainly a public school educated guess.
Vertical Gain: - Gross vertical gain from the ascent point to the summit point of the leg of the hike - while the high point may only be 10 feet higher than the beginning of the leg of the hike, numerous dips could have been hiked in between.
Hike Vertical Gain: - Total vertical gain of the hike, including vertical gain from parking area to trailhead as well as vertical gain in return trip from destination.
Phil Collins: - A lame pop musician leftover from the 1980s.


All photos in the trip reports and profiles were taken by me on either Sony (Mavica, Handicam, and Cybershot) or Canon digital cameras. The topographic maps are from the USGS and other government sources, via Microsoft Terraserver. I designed the site from scratch in PHP and HTML, coded in Microsoft Notepad. If you wish to use any of these photos or content or design or my charming witty banter elsewhere, please contact me and seek my expressed written consent or whatever you want to call it.

I've tried to respect No Trespassing signs. There have been times where I accidently ventured into these areas upon descent. That doesn't make it right, but what's done is done. Same thing with parking - just because I put the blue dot on the map then doesn't mean it's free public parking today. Respeckt da signs.

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