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Saddle Ball Mountain
New Ashford, MA

Saddle Ball Mountain as seen from Mt. Greylock
Saddle Ball Mountain as seen from Mt. Greylock

Location mapSummary
Located south of Mt. Greylock, Saddle Ball Mountain is the second highest point in all of Massachusetts at 3,238 feet (according to the older topographic maps - its also referred to as 3,247 on the Massachusetts DCR map). Though there is a look out on the north and south side of the mountain, there are no views at the summit.

Summit Elevation
3,238 feet

Summit Facilities

Trip Reports:
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Date of Hike Trail(s) Length Steepness Vertical
July 13, 2013 Hopper Trail, more Moderate Moderate 3,184'
November 18, 2006 Appalachian Trail, more Difficult Moderate 2,906'

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