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West Sleeper
Waterville Valley, NH

West Sleeper as seen from Mt. Israel
West Sleeper (second from left) as seen from Mt. Israel

Location mapSummary
West Sleeper, sometimes considered one of the 100 Highest Peaks in New Hampshire (depending upon interpretation of the South Tripyramid col), is named after local legend Katherine Sleeper. There are no views on or near its wooded summit.

Summit Elevation
3,881 feet

Summit Facilities

The Kate Sleeper Trail passes a few dozen feet west of the highpoint.

Trip Reports:
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Date of Hike Trail(s) Length Steepness Vertical
October 12, 2019 Pine Bend Brook Trail, more Very Difficult Very Difficult 5,553'
January 31, 2015 Blueberry Ledge Trail, more Difficult Very Difficult 4,499'
September 1, 2011 Mt. Tripyramid Trail, more Difficult Very Difficult 4,241'

More Information
- The Sleepers - Wikipedia

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