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Negus Mountain
Rowe, MA

Heading up Negus Mountain, looking at the middle third of the hike.

Negus Mountain (pronounced "knee-gus") is a neat hike, located above the famous Zoar Gap. Much of the thousand vertical feet is on exposed ledge - with scenic views throughout most of it. Near the south peak summit there are views in almost every direction. The true summit features nice views of Mt. Greylock and the Bear Swamp mountain top reservoir.

Summit Elevation
1,773 feet

Summit Facilities

Trip Reports:
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Date of Hike Trail(s) Length Steepness Vertical
March 4, 2007 Moderate Difficult 982'
January 28, 2007 Moderate Difficult 1,190'
January 23, 2007 Moderate Difficult 1,190'
December 17, 2006 Moderate Difficult 1,260'
October 11, 2006 Moderate Difficult 982'
October 9, 2006 Moderate Difficult 992'

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