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Hike Trip Log - 2006
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May (1)
05/07Mt. Toby, MA
June (1)
06/18Mt. Tom, MA
July (6)
07/01Haystack Mountain, VT
07/08Glebe Mountain, VT
07/09Pocumtuck Mountain, MA
07/16Dutch Hill, VT
07/23Catamount, MA
07/30Mt. Greylock, MA, Ragged Mountain, MA
August (7)
08/05Mt. Holyoke, MA
08/06Sugarloaf Mountain, MA, North Sugarloaf Mountain, MA
08/12General Stark Mountain, VT, Mt. Ellen, VT, Cutts Peak, VT, Nancy Hanks Peak, VT, Lincoln Peak, VT
08/18Mt. Norwottock, MA
08/19Mt. Olga, VT
08/21High Ledge, MA, Massaemett Mountain, MA
08/30Bare Mountain, MA, Mt. Hitchcock, MA
September (14)
09/01Wantastiquet Mountain, NH
09/04Mt. Watatic, MA, Pack Monadnock Mountain, NH, Temple Mountain, NH
09/06Rocky Mountain, MA
09/07Pony Mountain, MA
09/08Little Mt. Grace, MA, Mt. Grace, MA
09/10Stratton Mountain, VT, North Stratton Mountain, VT
09/12Crag Mountain, MA
09/16Monadnock Mountain, NH
09/17Mt. Ascutney, VT
09/21Adam's Apple, VT, The Chin, VT, The Nose, VT, The Forehead, VT
09/22Mt. Institute, MA
09/25Berlin Mountain, NY
09/26Todd Mountain, MA, Clark Mountain, MA
09/30Pico Peak, VT, Killington Peak, VT, Snowden Peak, VT, Rams Head, VT
October (15)
10/04Great Blue Hill, MA
10/05Borden Mountain, MA
10/07Mt. Abraham, VT, Worth Mountain, VT
10/08Mt. Snow, VT
10/09Negus Mountain, MA
10/11Negus Mountain, MA
10/12Sachem Head, MA
10/14Mt. Race, MA, Mt. Everett, MA
10/15Wachusett Mountain, MA
10/19Sunapee Mountain, NH, Mount Kearsarge, NH
10/21Pocumtuck Mountain, MA
10/25Moore Hill, MA
10/27Mt. Institute, MA
10/29Round Mountain, CT, Mt. Frissell, MA
10/31Massaemett Mountain, MA
November (9)
11/04Mt. Equinox, VT
11/05Haystack Mountain, VT
11/09Pine Mountain, MA, Tower Mountain, MA, Berry Mountain, MA
11/11Mt. Williams, MA, Mt. Fitch, MA, Mt. Greylock, MA
11/18Rounds Rock, MA, Saddle Ball Mountain, MA, Mt. Greylock, MA
11/22Mount Chocorua, NH, Middle Sister, NH
11/24Mt. Major, NH
11/25Pocumtuck Rock, MA, Mt. Toby, MA
11/26Spruce Mountain, MA
December (9)
12/02Mt. Institute, MA
12/03Sugarloaf Mountain, MA, North Sugarloaf Mountain, MA
12/12Massaemett Mountain, MA
12/16Mt. Institute, MA
12/17Negus Mountain, MA
12/20Ludlow Mountain, VT
12/25Squaw Peak, MA
12/29Bromley Mountain, VT
12/31Mt. Institute, MA

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