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Hike Trip Log - 2015
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January (26)
01/01Savage Mountain, NH, East Spruce Mountain, NH
01/02Castle Mountain (West Peak), NH, Sugarloaf, NH, Castle Mountain, NH, Notch Mountain, NH, Gore Mountain, NH
01/03West Rattlesnake, NH
01/05Ladd Mountain, NH, Fort Mountain, NH
01/06Mt. Rowe, NH
01/08West Rattlesnake, NH, Mt. Livermore, NH
01/09Fort Mountain, NH
01/10Mt. Dartmouth, NH, Millen Hill, NH
01/11Mt. Bemis, NH
01/13Mt. Livermore, NH
01/14West Rattlesnake, NH
01/15Tenney Mountain, NH
01/16Mt. Major, NH
01/17Mt. Anderson, NH, Mt. Lowell, NH
01/19Fort Mountain, NH
01/20Mt. Livermore, NH
01/21Piper Mountain, NH
01/22Red Hill, NH
01/23Mt. Prospect, NH, Bog Mountain, NH
01/24Vose Spur, NH
01/25Mt. Nancy, NH, Duck Pond Mountain, NH
01/26Rattlesnake Mountain, NH
01/28Piper Mountain, NH
01/29Mt. Livermore, NH, Fort Mountain, NH
01/30Mt. Rowe, NH
01/31East Sleeper, NH, West Sleeper, NH, Mt. Whiteface, NH
February (19)
02/01Unknown Pond Peak, NH
02/03Mt. Livermore, NH
02/05Fort Mountain, NH
02/06West Rattlesnake, NH
02/07Long Mountain - West Peak, NH, Long Mountain - Middle Peak, NH
02/10Piper Mountain, NH
02/11Ladd Mountain, NH, Whiteface Mountain, NH
02/13Mt. Muise, NH
02/15Durrell Mountain, NH, Grant Hill, NH
02/16Fort Mountain, NH
02/17Mt. Rowe, NH
02/18Mt. Livermore, NH
02/20East Rattlesnake, NH, Whiteface Mountain, NH
02/21Stub Hill, NH, North Stub Hill, NH
02/23Fort Mountain, NH
02/24Cotton Mountain, NH
02/25Ladd Mountain, NH
02/27Mt. Livermore, NH
02/28The Captain, NH, Mt. Carrigain, NH
March (24)
03/02Mt. Kearsarge, NH
03/03Ladd Mountain, NH
03/05Mt. Oscar, NH
03/06Bog Mountain, NH
03/07South Baldface, NH, North Baldface, NH, Eagle Crag, NH
03/08Blue Ridge (Middle Peak), NH, Blue Ridge (North Peak), NH, Mt. Wolf, NH
03/09Mt. Kearsarge, NH
03/10Mt. Livermore, NH
03/11Welch Mountain, NH, Dickey Mountain, NH
03/12Bald Ledge, NH
03/13Loon Mountain, NH, Scar Ridge (West Peak), NH, Scar Ridge (Middle Peak), NH, Scar Ridge (East Peak), NH
03/16Mt. Pierce, NH, Fort Mountain, NH
03/17Belknap Mountain, NH
03/18East Rattlesnake, NH
03/19Penobscot Mountain, ME, Gilmore Peak, ME, Sargent Mountain, ME
03/20Cadillac Mountain, ME, Champlain Mountain, ME, The Beehive, ME, Gorham Mountain, ME, Great Hill, ME, Beech Mountain, ME, Acadia Mountain, ME
03/23Ladd Mountain, NH, Mt. Tecumseh, NH
03/24Mt. Livermore, NH, Fort Mountain, NH
03/25Mt. Tecumseh, NH
03/27Fort Mountain, NH
03/28Campton Mountain, NH, Mt. Weetamoo, NH
03/29Greenfield Mountain, MA
03/30Bald Ledge, NH
03/31Mt. Livermore, NH, Fort Mountain, NH
April (16)
04/01Belknap Mountain, NH, Middle Sugarloaf, NH
04/02Nickerson Mountain, NH, Grant Peak, NH
04/03McCoy Mountain, NH, Fort Mountain, NH
04/04Mt. Whittier, NH, Bald Mountain, NH
04/05Mt. Cardigan, NH
04/07Mt. Oscar, NH
04/11Fort Mountain, NH
04/13Mt. Livermore, NH
04/15Dundee Hill, NH
04/19Eagle Cliff, NH
04/21Fort Mountain, NH
04/23Piper Mountain, NH
04/24Bald Knob, NH
04/26Mt. Rowe, NH, Gile Mountain, VT
04/29Mt. Prospect, NH
04/30Gunstock Mountain, NH, Belknap Mountain, NH
May (25)
05/01Mt. Major, NH
05/03Big Ball Mountain, NH, Black Snoot, NH, Mt. Shaw, NH
05/04Whiteface Mountain, NH
05/06Mt. Rowe, NH
05/07Red Hill, NH
05/08Belknap Mountain, NH
05/09Bald Mountain, NH
05/10Bayle Mountain, NH
05/12Belknap Mountain, NH
05/13West Rattlesnake, NH, East Rattlesnake, NH
05/14Sargent Mountain, ME
05/15The Beehive, ME, Champlain Mountain, ME, South Bubble, ME, Dorr Mountain, ME, Cadillac Mountain, ME, Beech Mountain, ME
05/16Bald Peak, ME, Parkman Mountain, ME, Gilmore Peak, ME, Norumbega Mountain, ME, Eagles Crag, ME
05/17Belknap Mountain, NH
05/18Mt. Cardigan, NH
05/20Belknap Mountain, NH
05/21Welch Mountain, NH, Dickey Mountain, NH
05/22Belknap Mountain, NH
05/23Mill Mountain, NH, Whitcomb Mountain (East Peak), NH, Millsfield Mountain, NH
05/24Mt. Tecumseh, NH
05/25North Bald Cap, NH
05/26Belknap Mountain, NH
05/27Piper Mountain, NH, Belknap Mountain, NH
05/28Mt. Prospect, NH
05/29Mt. Tecumseh, NH
June (24)
06/02Red Hill, NH
06/03Mt. Major, NH
06/04Mt. Tecumseh, NH
06/05Bald Knob, NH
06/06Mt. Tom, MA
06/07Mt. Tecumseh, NH
06/08West Rattlesnake, NH
06/10Belknap Mountain, NH, Gunstock Mountain, NH
06/11Belknap Mountain, NH
06/12Red Hill, NH
06/13Mt. Tecumseh, NH
06/14Mt. Monroe, NH, Mt. Washington, NH, Bald Mountain, NH
06/16Belknap Mountain, NH
06/17Mt. Tecumseh, NH
06/18Bald Knob, NH
06/20Mt. Tecumseh, NH
06/22Mt. Tecumseh, NH
06/23Red Hill, NH
06/24Mt. Anna, NH, Mt. Mack, NH, Mt. Klem, NH
06/25Mt. Tecumseh, NH
06/26Neville Peak, NH
06/27Belknap Mountain, NH
06/30Belknap Mountain, NH
July (29)
07/01Red Hill, NH
07/02Bald Knob, NH
07/03Green Peak, NH, Mt. Tecumseh, NH
07/04Killington Peak, VT
07/05Mt. Tecumseh, NH
07/06Mt. Major, NH
07/07Red Hill, NH
07/08Belknap Mountain, NH
07/09Mt. Livermore, NH
07/10Belknap Mountain, NH
07/11Jay Peak, VT, Big Jay, VT, Doll Peak, VT, North Jay Peak, VT
07/12Mt. Tecumseh, NH
07/13Piper Mountain, NH
07/14Goat Pasture Hill, NH
07/15Belknap Mountain, NH
07/16Bald Knob, NH, Turtleback Mountain, NH
07/17Mt. Tecumseh, NH
07/19Downing Mountain, NH
07/20Mt. Tecumseh, NH
07/22Belknap Mountain, NH
07/23Mt. Major, NH
07/24Mt. Prospect, NH
07/25Mt. Tecumseh, NH
07/26Tucker Hill, MA, Buck Hill, MA, Boston Hill, MA
07/27Mt. Shannon, NH
07/28Belknap Mountain, NH
07/29Mt. Tecumseh, NH
07/30Bald Knob, NH
07/31Mt. Tecumseh, NH
August (27)
08/01Gunstock Mountain, NH
08/02Mt. Tecumseh, NH
08/03Mt. Roberts, NH
08/04Belknap Mountain, NH, Gunstock Mountain, NH
08/05Mt. Tecumseh, NH
08/06Mt. Institute, MA, High Ledge, MA, Massaemett Mountain, MA
08/08Mt. Tecumseh, NH
08/09Lincoln Peak, VT, Mt. Abraham, VT
08/10Pine Mountain, NH
08/12Belknap Mountain, NH
08/14Mt. Tecumseh, NH
08/15Belknap Mountain, NH
08/16Mt. Tecumseh, NH
08/17Mt. Livermore, NH
08/18Belknap Mountain, NH
08/19Mt. Prospect, NH
08/20Mt. Tecumseh, NH
08/21Red Hill, NH
08/22Belknap Mountain, NH
08/23Mt. Cabot, NH, The Bulge, NH, The Horn, NH
08/24Mt. Rowe, NH
08/26Mt. Tecumseh, NH
08/27Bald Knob, NH
08/28Bald Ledge, NH, Belknap Mountain, NH
08/29Albany Mountain, ME, Black Cap, NH
08/30Mt. Tecumseh, NH
08/31Mt. Mack, NH, Mt. Klem, NH
September (25)
09/01Mt. Livermore, NH
09/02Mt. Tecumseh, NH
09/03Turtleback Mountain, NH
09/04Mt. Livermore, NH, Belknap Mountain, NH
09/05Mt. Tecumseh, NH
09/06Mt. Ellen, VT
09/08Fort Mountain, NH
09/09Mt. Tecumseh, NH
09/10East Rattlesnake, NH, West Rattlesnake, NH
09/11Welch Mountain, NH, Dickey Mountain, NH
09/12Bald Ledge, NH
09/13Mt. Livermore, NH
09/14Belknap Mountain, NH
09/15Bald Ledge, NH
09/16Champlain Mountain, ME, Elliot Mountain, ME, Bald Peak, ME
09/17The Beehive, ME, Cadillac Mountain, ME, Pemetic Mountain, ME, South Bubble, ME, North Bubble, ME, Conners Nubble, ME, Norumbega Mountain, ME
09/18Champlain Mountain, ME, Tunk Mountain, ME
09/19Mt. Tecumseh, NH
09/21Rattlesnake Mountain, NH
09/22Ladd Mountain, NH, Mt. Shannon, NH
09/23Belknap Mountain, NH
09/25Mt. Tecumseh, NH
09/27Mt. Tecumseh, NH
09/28Mt. Chocorua, NH
09/30Red Hill, NH
October (25)
10/01Belknap Mountain, NH
10/02Mt. Tecumseh, NH
10/03Eagle Cliff, NH
10/04Whitecap Mountain, ME, Black Mountain, ME
10/05Mt. Jefferson, NH
10/06Whiteface Mountain, NH
10/07Mt. Tecumseh, NH
10/08Belknap Mountain, NH
10/10Gunstock Mountain, NH
10/11Mt. Tecumseh, NH
10/12Gunstock Mountain, NH, Belknap Mountain, NH, Piper Mountain, NH
10/14Mt. Livermore, NH
10/15Ladd Mountain, NH, Belknap Mountain, NH
10/17Mt. Tecumseh, NH
10/19Mt. Kearsarge, NH
10/20Fort Mountain, NH
10/21East Rattlesnake, NH, West Rattlesnake, NH
10/22Bald Knob, NH
10/23Mt. Tecumseh, NH
10/25Mt. Tecumseh, NH
10/26Black Mountain, NH
10/27Belknap Mountain, NH
10/28Rattlesnake Mountain, NH
10/30Mt. Klem, NH, Mt. Mack, NH
10/31Mt. Tecumseh, NH, Mt. Katherine, NH
November (25)
11/02Mt. Israel, NH
11/03Bald Peak, NH
11/04Bald Ledge, NH, Mt. Roberts, NH
11/06Mt. Livermore, NH
11/07Belknap Mountain, NH
11/08Peaked Mountain, VT, Stratton Mountain, VT, Gile Mountain, VT
11/09Gunstock Mountain, NH
11/10Mt. Prospect, NH, Red Hill, NH
11/12Mt. Livermore, NH
11/13Bald Knob, NH
11/14Gunstock Mountain, NH
11/15Heator Mountain, NH
11/16Cotton Mountain, NH, Piper Mountain, NH
11/17Ladd Mountain, NH, Bog Mountain, NH
11/18Mt. Morgan, NH, Mt. Cardigan, NH
11/20Mt. Mack, NH
11/21East Rattlesnake, NH, West Rattlesnake, NH
11/22Mt. Mack, NH
11/23Whiteface Mountain, NH
11/24Red Hill, NH, Mt. Livermore, NH
11/25Little Sugarloaf, NH, Sugarloaf, NH, Pine Mountain, NH
11/26Bald Ledge, NH, Wachusett Mountain, MA
11/28Dalton Mountain, NH, Cape Horn, NH, Cape Horn - East Peak, NH
11/29Mt. Livermore, NH, Straightback Mountain, NH
11/30Ladd Mountain, NH, Fort Mountain, NH
December (24)
12/01Big Ball Mountain, NH
12/03Red Hill, NH
12/04Mt. Livermore, NH, Bald Knob, NH
12/05Mt. Mack, NH
12/07West Rattlesnake, NH
12/09Ladd Mountain, NH
12/10Fort Mountain, NH
12/11Bog Mountain, NH
12/12Bald Ledge, NH, Mt. Mack, NH
12/13Mt. Livermore, NH
12/15Piper Mountain, NH
12/16Mt. Prospect, NH
12/18Gunstock Mountain, NH
12/19Mt. Mack, NH
12/20Bald Ledge, NH, Mt. Mack, NH
12/21Rattlesnake Mountain, NH
12/22Mt. Livermore, NH
12/23Mt. Livermore, NH
12/24Black Mountain, NH
12/25Ladd Mountain, NH, Mt. Mack, NH
12/26Bald Knob, NH, Mt. Crosby, NH, Downing Mountain, NH
12/28Bald Ledge, NH, Whiteface Mountain, NH
12/30Mt. Tecumseh, NH
12/31West Rattlesnake, NH

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